Pebeo Vitrail Cerne Relief Glass Liner - Silver

SKU: 3647
Pebeo Vitrail Cerne Relief Glass Liner - Silver | Reliance Fine Art |Glass & Silk ColoursPebeo Vitrail Glass Colours

Pebeo Vitrail Cerne Relief Glass Liner - Silver

SKU: 3647
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Pebeo Vitrail Cerne Relief Outliners are the perfect companion to be used with Pebeo Vitrail colours. They are solvent based, dense, opaque, intensely luminous and very bright / high gloss colours and have good lightfastness. There are 9 Cerne Relief Outliners in 20 ml Tubes.

Applications in Glass Painting - Use Pebeo Vitrail colours with Vitrail Cerne Relief outliners to create beautiful Stained Glass Effects on all carefully degreased transparent surfaces such as glass, acetate, polyester and Plexiglas. The decorated surface has good hardness and is resistant to gentle washing with cold water and window cleaner. Pebeo Cerne Relief outliners can be used directly from the tube with the nozzle before applying the Vitrail colours to imitate stained glass effects. Objects decorated with Vitrail colours are intended for decorative purposes only and should not be used for utilitarian purposes. The colours require 2 hours for drying to the touch and completely dry after 10 hours. Drying times can vary depending on the thickness of the application and the temperature and humidity of the room where the product is applied.

Applications in Mixed Media - Pebeo Vitrail colours are compatible with all products included in the Pebeo Mixed Media Program. The Pebeo Cerne Relief may be used to create outlines to contain and delineate the Vitrail colours. Vitrail colours, when combined with Fantasy Moon, Fantasy Prisme and Ceramic colours, create magnificent contrasting effects merging various degrees of texture, intensity, transparency and opalescence. Wait a minimum of 7 days before adding a coat of resin over completely dry colours. Cerne Relief can be applied on glass, canvas, metal, mirror, Plexiglas, acetate, plastics, paper, ceramics and more. Add Cerne Relief over applications of various Studio Acrylic mediums, Gedeo Resins and mirror effect leaves to add dimensional effects to your creations.

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