Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint 400 ML Fluorescent Gleaming Pink (F4000)

SKU: 3281
Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint 400 ML Fluorescent Gleaming Pink (F4000) | Reliance Fine Art |Spray Paint

Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint 400 ML Fluorescent Gleaming Pink (F4000)

SKU: 3281
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The Montana Gold range is renowned for its six brilliant fluorescent colours that not only radiate by day, but also glow warmly by night under UV light. Easy and clean application is achieved thanks to the much-loved low pressure valve system as with the whole Montana GOLD range. Highest quality made in Germany!

Instructions for use: For best results, it is recommended that the fluorescent colours are applied in thin multiple layers to achieve the highest possible glow effect. To give your project more durability and longevity, apply Montana Varnish in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matt once the Fluorescent color has completely dried and cured (24 hours). Please note the application of a Montana Varnish will protect and offer greater UV resistance to your project however may result in a slight decrease in brightness of the colour under UV light. The best luminosity for fluorescent colours is achieved when applied on to a white undercoated substrate such as Montana Gold Shock White S9100. Due to their synthetic non-natural orientations, fluorescent colours in general do not have the same opacity, light fastness and longevity as normal high pigmented colours. They are not resistant to the elements. Shake Well!

Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paints are semi-gloss finish and quick drying nitro-acrylic or NC-Acrylic based lacquer that can be applied in thin or super wide lines on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass or even flexible surfaces with no cracking or colour bleaching. Montana Gold dries quickly and offers excellent surface adhesion. Every color in the line is CFC-free. Montana Gold spray paints are famous for their superior quality. Highly reliable, it provides artists and hobbyists alike with the perfect tool for creative work. High accuracy is ensured through Montana Gold’s exclusively developed low pressure system. Soft handling allows the finest details and the smoothest application.

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