Mont Marte White Charcoal Pencils 3pc (MPN0041)

SKU: 3265
Mont Marte White Charcoal Pencils 3pc (MPN0041) | Reliance Fine Art |Charcoal & Graphite

Mont Marte White Charcoal Pencils 3pc (MPN0041)

SKU: 3265
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3 White Charcoal Pencils
Easy-sharpening, smooth wooden barrels
Dense, medium-sized charcoal lead
Great for drawing or adding highlights. Create unique illustrations or add highlights to your drawings with the Mont Marte White Charcoal Pencils. This pack contains 3 pencils with a dense, medium-sized, white charcoal lead for drawing super pigmented, ultra-white lines. Their smooth barrels make for comfortable drawing and can be easily sharpened with a standard-sized pencil sharpener.

Mont Marte Coloured Charcoal is available in 4 earthy colours that have been favoured by the masters for centuries.

Originally sketches were produced as studies for paintings.

Now drawing with these materials is recognised as a fine medium in its own right.

These pencils will capture the warmth of a wide range of subject matter including still life, landscapes, and life drawing.

2 x White Charcoal Pencil: Fantastic for creating highlights and may be used to blend with other colours to create midtones.

Try using this on dark or tinted paper for dramatic effects.

2 x Sanguine Charcoal Pencil: Sanguine is a reddish-brown colour, very similar to Burnt Sienna.

Create warm tones in your sketches and illustrations,

2 x Sepia Charcoal Pencil: Sepia is a brown colour, similar to Burnt Umber.

Render shadows and make bold outlines with this deep rich brown.

6 x Black Charcoal: Black charcoal can be used alone or in conjunction with other colours in the set.

Included are 2 each of soft, medium and hard pencils to suit your sketching needs.

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