Kazan Squirrel Hair Mop Brush Size 4

SKU: 2706
Kazan Squirrel Hair Mop Brush Size 4 | Reliance Fine Art |Other Watercolor BrushesWatercolour Brushes

Kazan Squirrel Hair Mop Brush Size 4

SKU: 2706
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Art Essentials Kazan Squirrel Brushes use Pure Synthetic Kazan Squirrel Hairs. The Kazan Squirrel range has been developed in Japan, by master brush makers with more than 50 years experience of making Artists quality brushes. Worldwide restrictions & animal welfare awareness have led to great innovations by master brush makers in synthetic hair technology, resulting in a synthetic Kazan Squirrel fibre which out performs the natural squirrel hair in many ways, is easier to manage and is much more economical than the natural counterpart. These Kazan Squirrel brushes are ideal for watercolours & a must have in every water colour artists tool kit.

Art Essentials Kazan Squirrel Quill Mounted Mop brushes have revolutionary synthetic Kazan squirrel fibres, which are extremely soft & supple and mimic the appearance & touch of natural squirrel hair while maintaining extremely high standards of quality. The Kazan Squirrel mop has amazing water retention capacity and outperforms most natural squirrel hair brushes. These Mop brushes have a sharp & precise point which helps watercolour artists create fine detail / lines in their works, along with creating washes with its substantially large belly. Each brush goes through a unique shape retention process to ensure the brush maintains its original form / shape and increases the spring of the brush.

Quill Mounted Mop brushes have long hairs and a natural-shaped tip. They are round versions of the wash brush, made of soft, absorbent hair. It is useful for laying in large areas of water or color, for wetting the surface, for absorbing excess media and the point is extremely useful for creating fine lines.

The Kazan Squirrel brushes have a short, amino top, wooden coloured teak mahogany handle.


Extremely soft & supple pure synthetic KAZAN Squirrel fibres which closely mimic their natural hair counterparts in appearance & touch; Performance is better than most natural squirrel hair
Ideal for Watercolours and suitable for Gouache; Stiffness: 1 on 6
KAZAN Squirrel brushes have great retention capacity & are extremely soft; Have a substantially large belly with a precise point, making them ideal for washes & creating fine lines
Have amazing spring & maintain their original shape; Short, amino top, wooden coloured teak mahogany handle & Quill Mounted
Handle: Short; Shape: Mop; Size:4

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