Conte a Paris Pastel Pencil White (630)

SKU: 1334
Conte a Paris Pastel Pencil White (630) | Reliance Fine Art |Individual Charcoal & Graphite PencilsPastels

Conte a Paris Pastel Pencil White (630)

SKU: 1334
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Conte a’ Paris Pastel Pencils have a lead diameter of 5 mm, which is about 20% more than most other brands. The thicker lead diameter gives genuine freedom of creation and has an unrivalled feel. The leads are smooth & have fine & rich pigments.
These large diameter pencils have very fine, smooth leads that are rich in pigment. The presence of abrasives provides excellent toning and stumping qualities.
Use Conté à Paris pencils to obtain a precise mark or line on a variety of papers. Pencils are pre-sharpened.

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