Brustro Pouring Medium 500 ML

SKU: 331
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Brustro Pouring Medium 500 ML

SKU: 331
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BRUSTRO pouring medium virtually capable of creating a marbled affect on any surface is surely every artist’s delight. Not only can it be mixed with fluid acrylics and Brustro Artists’ Acrylics but also with inks. The magical drip, pour and swirl of this medium heightens the effect furthermore .

Brustro pouring medium is a self-levelling clear medium that when applied to a surface or as a paint additive will automatically spread and create a smooth, glossy finish with minimal surface texture. It is designed to reduce crazing. This pouring medium dries clean, glossy and flexible. It is permanent, non-yellowing and water resistant once dry. This acrylic pouring medium is ideal for high gloss thick glazing and poured marbling technique. It can be mixed with fluid acrylics or soft body acrylic colours but do not mix rapidly and allow mix to sit and bubbles to dissipate.

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