*Watercolor paint is a translucent medium suitable for many purposes: in the classroom, for illustration, botanical painting, as studies, and as final works of art.
*There are several types of watercolor paint available commercially: paint in a metal tube that has the consistency of toothpaste; paint that comes as a dry cake in small plastic pans that requires more water to make it a good consistency for painting; and watercolor that comes in a liquid form.
Best Range of Water Colors for Professionals and Beginners

Nature and creativity have always walked hand-in-hand. And to keep our minds alive and sane, we must indulge ourselves in creative and fun activities. One such activity is watercolor painting. With the emergence of technology, we can now watch tons of watercolor calligraphy, landscape paintings, etc. on almost all social media channels. The best part about watercolor paintings and other related works is that they are very versatile and gives you great options to experiment with. As time passed by and advancement enrolled, the market is filled with a variety of watercolors that can add a different charm to your work.

Earlier, regular watercolors in palettes, watercolors in pans were quite famous. But seeing the time and love for creative thinking, the stationary market is working back and forth to provide amateur and professional artists with a great range of watercolors. This change in the market has introduced us to metallic watercolors, brush pens, pigmented acrylic tubes, fancy paint sets, and more. Among all the basic objects that help in watercolor art, here are a few things you should focus on while you pick a watercolor set.

What to Consider before Making Purchase for Watercolor Set?

An artistic purchase should focus on factors that can enhance their art in terms of quality, transparency, color pigment, etc. Let’s go through them, one-by-one:-


Quality- If you are an amateur watercolor artist, it is vital you begin your journey with good quality watercolor paint. The sole reason for this is that with a quality product, you end up with quality results, and that works as self-motivation for beginner artists. In the market, you will find a variety of watercolor paints that are meant for beginners and professionals. Choose among them wisely but don’t compromise on the quality.


Color Pigment- Choosing pigmented watercolors for your artistic venture could be a great choice. Why? Well, it is because one single palette of watercolors can give you various color mixing options. And if you are an amateur then begin your journey with a 5 to 10 colors set or the primary tones. This way, even if you find that watercolor is not your forte, you will not end up investing a big amount. On the other hand, if you plan to continue then you would identify the colors missing in your watercolor pallete.


Transparency- The best part about watercolor sketches and paintings is their ability to let pass light through them and make your art more wondrous. The transparency and opaqueness of watercolors let you layer your art and make portraits that are real-like. Also, if your watercolors are transparent, they will let you experiment with various patterns and textures.


Permanence- With exposure to light and humidity, how does your watercolor painting look, depends on how permanent your watercolors are. This factor depends on the quality of the pigments used in the watercolors and how much filler are the colors. To check if your watercolors have a good permanence, check the label of your watercolor palette and read how each color rates on the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) rating scale. If the rating is somewhere between excellent and good, then you have the right color palette.


Best Watercolor Paints Options Available at Reliance Fine Art

We offer a great range of high-end watercolor brands, and the best-selling products among them are listed below:-



This range by Mijello is known for its intensity and brilliance beyond comparison. It features around 126 super-premium watercolors created from the finest pigments. With a tiny pinch of this color, you can go a long way as there are zero thickeners involved in the making of these colors that offer excellent lightfastness. View More here


These mica-based watercolors can help in giving your art a special effect. These are made with mica, which is shimmery in nature and it is highly pigmented. The versatility of these colors is such that you can use them on paper, wood, gypsum and see how beautiful your art would look. Such color palettes are one-time investments with long-time excellence. View More here



If you are a beginner, get your hands on these colors and grab a huge variety of colors available both in tubes and half-pans. These colors are formulated for transparency and lightfastness. For beginners, Cotman watercolors are a great pick as they come at an affordable price. View More here



These watercolors are economic and uniform, which is a great deal for the quality that these colors provide. These are made from highly pigmented substances, are rich, and have free-flowing transparent colors. You will get a variety of 48 different color options in this range by Daler Rowney. View More here



These opaque watercolors are made from high-quality pigments that are extracted to perfection and offer you unbelievable performance, control, and opacity. These colors are a sole-bearer of tradition and modernity due to their versatility. These can be used in mixed media projects and other traditional art forms. View More here


All these and other such enlightening color ranges can be accessed at the Reliance Fine Art store. We offer great options that are meant both for beginners and professionals. Apart from colors, you can get your hands on our range of mediums, varnishes, and other paint sets other than the one mentioned above.