Sennelier Dry Pastels Set of 40 Assorted Colours

SKU: 4129
Sennelier Dry Pastels Set of 40 Assorted Colours | Reliance Fine Art |Pastels

Sennelier Dry Pastels Set of 40 Assorted Colours

SKU: 4129
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40 half stick soft pastels Sennelier Half Stick Sets are amazing value! The sticks themselves are chubby chunky pieces. They are actually larger than if you where to cut a Sennelier full stick pastel in half- they are just half of the length of the regular sticks. You get more colour for your money! It is a terrific way to get started or to add to your existing palette. This set includes 40 colours. The half stick format allows you to take a lot of colour with you outside for plein air painting. Contains the following colours: Bronze Green Deep (158) Lawn Green (148) Blue Violet (333) Ivory Black (513) Reseda Grey Green (212) Apple Green (205) Magenta Violet (940) Blue Grey Green (500) Raw Sienna (508) Nickel Yellow (901) Magenta Violet (944) Prussian Blue (288) Bistre (61) Lemon Yellow (603) Madder Carmine (378) Sapphire Blue (621) Mummy (104) Lemon Yellow (600) Vermillion (83) Ultramarine Deep (388) Flesh Ochre (16) Naples Yellow (99) Orange Lead (37) Cobalt Blue (353) Yellow Ochre (115) Cadmium Yellow Light (297) Helios Red (681) Cobalt Blue (356) Van Dyke Brown (439) Bright Yellow (341) Chinese Vermillion (791) Cerulean Blue (257) Van Dyke Violet (409) Golden Ochre (127) Van Dyke Violet (406) Viridan (256) White (525) Red Brown (6) Hot Brown (191) Viridian (252)

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