Pebeo Setasilk Lighting Medium 45 ML

SKU: 3610
Pebeo Setasilk Lighting Medium 45 ML | Reliance Fine Art |Glass & Silk ColoursPebeo Setasilk Silk Colours

Pebeo Setasilk Lighting Medium 45 ML

SKU: 3610
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Pebeo Setasilk Lightening Medium is used to create lighter and clearer tones of Pebeo Setasilk colours without reducing the quality of the colour nor making it more fluid. Pebeo Setasilk paints are bright and intense heat-fixable, transparent colours ideal for silk painting on all types of silk like twill, pong, crpe de Chine, crpe georgette and damask silk. Setasilk colours suit all silk painting techniques such as tie-dye, outlines, salt sprinkling technique, watercolour, sun technique, wax batik and mahaju technique. They retain the silk's flexibility and offer a palette of rich, refined tones and great brightness. These colours are fluid and fuse onto silk. These ready to use colours are extremely intermixable. After applying colour, do not hesitate to go (paint) over the wet paint where the colour is non-uniform/lighter.

Pebeo Setasilk Lightening Medium is available in a 45 ml bottle with a dropper nozzle. It is a transparent medium with a glossy finish

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