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Being an artist, usage of the right tool becomes vital as they help us carve our craft. Like for a chef, homegrown vegetables are essential for cooking a satisfying meal, a guitarist is always in search of the best guitar to play his tunes on, likewise, different painting brushes, tools, etc., makes an artist, his art and style, different from the rest. 


Being an artist, you might always be on the hunt for good quality brushes. And if that is so, you are at the right place as Reliance Fine Art offers you a variety of painting brushes, tools, and other related accessories. Head to our store online or offline to buy art materials for various paintings and we promise to deliver you the best quality paint brushes set. We have a product catalog for your creative needs, like- crafting, home decor, painting, portrait making, sketching, etc.


To begin with, depending on the kind of strokes and textures you want, we have a variety of paint brushes and paint brush sets that you can choose from.


Acrylic Paint Brushes- These brushes include Round Brush, Flat Brush, Filbert Brush, Angle Brush, Liner Brush, Sword Brush, Wash Brush and other brushes. Acrylic colors are the easiest to work with, but when we plan to achieve different effects or strokes or create textures from them, they act tricky. Thus it becomes vital that we understand what acrylic paint brushes are meant for what purpose. For instance - An Acrylic Wash Brush helps in covering large backgrounds when working on a big canvas. Likewise, an Acrylic Fan Brush if used dry, i.e., without water can give great grass-like strokes and so on.


Oil Paint Brushes- Oil paint is thick, which means the brushes used to handle them need to be stiff and bristles need to be rough. Oil paint brushes come in natural and synthetic variants, among which you can choose what suits your style of work. The classic oil paint brushes are made of Hog hair. Filbert, Flat, Round, Bright, Fan brushes are the most common oil paint brushes one can get their hands on. And every different type of brush serves a different purpose, for instance - The Filbert brush has an oval shape, i.e., it has characteristics of both flat and round brush. Plus this brush is perfect for mixing oil paints while you are painting.


Watercolor Brushes- The most used paint brushes have to be watercolor brushes as they are the most accessible ones. These brushes typically feature long, absorbent natural hairs, synthetic filaments, or a mix of these two. Watercolor brushes have short handles that enable artists to work close to the surface and create fine details. The best watercolor brushes are the one that has great water and paint holding capacity. Also, they have a great resiliency and spring ability that allows them to stay in shape no matter how much we turn and twist them.


Other Paint Brushes Set- Other than these extensively in-demand paintbrushes, there are numerous other paint brushes and sets that you can get your hands on. At Reliance Fine Art, you will get a variety of painting brushes for beginners and professionals, and from some of the best paint brush brands across the globe. We offer you an economical range of paint brushes, palette knives, and other accessories that can serve multiple purposes. From Daler Rowney, Princeton, Escoda, Camel, we have got it all.


So, now that you know what Reliance Fine Art has in store to offer you, and what brush can serve you the best, order now and avail of quick delivery. We offer you a huge variety of brushes and painting tools that can enhance your art to another level. We strive to provide every artist with a variety of paintbrushes that can help you to try different painting techniques and finesse your craft. Browse our collection of paintbrushes, and we promise to not disappoint you at any point.


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Reliance Fine Art is committed to offering you exceptional and quality art supplies for any budget, all that you see here is available at discounted prices. So, when you choose to order your art supplies from us, you are automatically saving. Being in this business for years, we understand what is in trend and what most artists are looking for these days. We accordingly add and update our shop with the best and most economical paintbrushes and other accessories.


At Reliance Fine Art you get your hands on a variety of art and craft supplies other than paint brushes, for instance- Paints, Colors, Mediums, Varnishes, Sketch Pads, Papers, Sketching pencils etc. So, when you get almost everything covered under one roof, why go anywhere else? Simply visit our website or rather bookmark us and keep a check on our newly added variety of colors, paint brushes, and other stuff. We promise to deliver quality products at the best price in the market.


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